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Considering the U for graduate school? 

First Steps for Prospective Students

Acceptance to our graduate program depends as much on the fit between student and faculty interests as it does on student qualifications. We therefore recommend that prospective applicants become familiar with our areas of expertise prior to applying, know which of the four graduate programs they plan to enter (see the descriptions of the Masters and Doctoral programs on this site), and contact faculty members with whom they would like to work. Campus visits to tour the Anthropology facilities and meet with faculty are encouraged. For students who are unable to come to campus, the Department of Anthropology will happily set up video conference meetings between potential students and faculty members.

Graduate Applications can be submitted trough the APPLYYOURSELF Web Portal. If you have questions about application procedures, please contact Kyla Welch, Programs Manager of the Department of Anthropology. For academic questions, contact Professor Adrian Bell, Director of Graduate Studies.

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International Students 

The Department of Anthropology values the global community we enjoy, and we welcome students from all countries. We recognize that there are unique advantages and challenges to being an international student, especially as you adjust to your studies alongside a new country and new culture. We encourage all our international students to make use of the resources available to them and to seek involvement in departmental, campus, and civic communities. Students who have additional information that may be helpful to other students or who have encountered problems not covered here are encouraged to inform the Programs Manager, Kyla Welch so that future students can benefit from your experience.

International Admissions

 Programs of Study

The Anthropology department offers graduate training in four tracks:

Biological Anthropology
Evolution of Culture, Cognition, and Behavior
Evolutionary Ecology

Incoming students are expected to concentrate their graduate work in one of these areas, and are encouraged to become involved in research early in their training. The Department of Anthropology offers both MS and MA versions of each of these degrees, but students seeking to continue on into the Ph.D track are encouraged to enroll in the MS program. All students who have not already earned a gradute degree, even those who plan to pursue a Ph.D, are accepted into the graduate program as Master's students. Students wishing to pursue a Ph.D  will be evaluated upon the completion of their Master's degree and eligible students will be invited to join the Ph.D track.


  Application Requirements

M.A., M.S. & Ph.D.


Students are admitted to the program beginning in Fall Semester only. In addition to meeting the university requirements outlined by the Office of Graduate Admissions, applicants are expected to:

(a) Submit a current CV or Resume
(b) Provide names and contact information for 3 individuals who will provide letters of 
recommendation through the application portal
(c) Submit a ca. 1000-word research statement outlining your proposed graduate research
(d) Answer questions about academic experience


The application and required documents must be submitted 
to the University of Utah Admissions Office no later than December 29th of the year preceding desired admission.

Establishing rapport with one or more faculty members with whom you would like to work is not required for your application, but is highly recommended.


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Last Updated: 3/24/21