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Adrian V. Bell

(Ph.D. UC Davis, 2011; Assoc. Prof). Human ecology, evolutionary game theory and social evolution, economics of small-scale societies, Oceania

Jack M. Broughton

(Ph.D. U Washington 1995; Prof). Zooarchaeology, evolutionary ecology, human paleoecology, North American Prehistory (especially California and the Great Basin)

Elizabeth Cashdan

(Ph.D. U New Mexico 1979; Prof). Evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, hunter-gatherers

Brian F. Codding

(Ph.D. Stanford U; Assoc. Prof). Human behavioral ecology, foraging economies, anthropogenic fire, gender division of labor, ethnoarchaeology, ethno-ecology, data analysis, GIS; Australia & North America

J. Tyler Faith

(Ph.D. George Washington U, 2011; Assist. Prof.). Quaternary paleoecology, vertebrate paleontology, zooarchaeology, paleoanthropology, modern human origins, extinctions, Africa

Kristen Hawkes

(Ph.D. U Washington 1976; Dist. Prof). Human evolution, behavioral ecology, sociobiology, hunter-gatherers

Douglas Jones

(Ph.D. U Michigan; Assoc. Prof). Biocultural perspectives on mate choice, human behavioral ecology, evolutionary psychology, kinship; Brazil

Leslie A. Knapp

(Ph.D.; UCLA, 1994; Prof). Primate immunogenetics and molecular ecology

Karen L. Kramer

(Ph.D. U New Mexico 1998; Professor). Human behavioral ecology, demography, cooperative breeding, evolution and economics of childhood & parenting; hunter-gatherers (Pume, South America) and agriculturalists (Maya)

Lisbeth Ann Louderback

(Ph.D. University of Washington 2014; Assist Prof.) North American pre-history; Arid West; Quaternary paleoecology; Archaeobotany; Palynology, Starch grain analysis

Shane J. Macfarlan

(Ph.D. Washington State U 2010; Assist. Prof). Evolutionary Anthropology; Social psychology; Political Economy; Political and Behavioral Ecology; Inequality; Ritual Society and Labor Exchange; Ethno-History

Duncan Metcalfe

(Ph.D. U Utah 1987; Assoc. Prof). Archaeological method and theory, evolutionary ecology; western North America 

Richard R. Paine

(Ph.D. Pennsylvania State U 1992; Assoc. Prof). Archaeology, prehistoric demography, complex societies, human/land relationships; Mesoamerica, Europe

Alan R. Rogers

(Ph.D. U New Mexico 1982; Prof). Population genetics, evolutionary ecology

Timothy Webster

(Ph.D. Yale University 2015; Assist. Prof). Population genomics and sex chromosome evolution

Emeritus Professors

Laurence D. Loeb

(Ph.D. Columbia 1970; Assoc. Prof Emeritus). Middle East ethnology, social organization, religion, ethnomusicology, sociocultural reconstruction, culture change; Old World Jewry

Marianna Di Paolo

(Ph.D. U Texas at Austin 1986; Assoc. Professor). Sociolinguistics, sociophenetics, Native American linguistics (Shoshoni)

John M. McCullough

(Ph.D. U Illinois 1972; Prof). Physical anthropology, ecological genetics, human variation; the Americas, Yucatan, Europe

James F. O'Connell 

(Ph.D. UC Berkeley 1971; Dist. Prof). Hunter-gatherer ecology, archaeological method and theory; Australia, Africa, North America 

Dennis H. O'Rourke

(Ph.D. U Kansas 1980; Prof). Population and evolutionary genetics, genetic epidemiology, quantitative methods, native America, Arctic regions and Siberia

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