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10-20 coffee hour


Anthro Club Coffee Hour

Topic: Research with Tim Webster

November 17th at 9:30AM MT


                            Zoom Information:
                                   Meeting ID: 990 1391 3110
                                   Passcode: 310498 


 Anthropology Club


All are welcome to join our bi-monthly virtual coffee hour meetings where we will discuss Anthropological topics, topics related to undergraduates, scholarship opportunities, research opportunities and much more! This is a great chance to get to know your fellow students while exploring the different facets Anthropology has to offer.
For more information, please contact our Undergraduate SAC Chair Anahi





USAC Chair


Hi my name is Anahi and I am a 3rd year here at the U. I am majoring in Anthropology and Philosophy of Science and minoring in Spanish. I moved to Salt Lake from California but have lived in Mexico, New Zealand and a few other places as well. I love to travel, camp, backpack, explore the outdoors and try new things.



USAC Chair


Hi all! My name is Lauren and I am majoring in Anthropology and International Studies at the U. I am focusing on ethnobotany, behavioral ecology, and archaeobotany, and i've spent the last two years studying Ecuadorian Quechua. I discovered Anthropology by watching Ancient Aliens after high school as a teenager, so I'm pretty sure that makes me a stereotypical millennial anthropologist. I love travel, meeting new people, and art in any form.


Anna (she/her)

USAC Member


My name is Anna and I am a senior graduating in Spring 2021 pursuing my Anthropology BS with an emphasis in culture and a minor in health. I'm originally from Boise, ID and transferred to University of Utah in Spring 2020. When I'm not working or in school, I love spending my time backpacking, rock climbing, writing, and doing yoga.



USAC Member 


Hi! My name is Kendal and I am majoring in Anthropology with a Health emphasis and a double minor in Chemistry and Integrative Human Biology. I am currently working on a UROP in Dr. Webster's lab and I am a pre-medical student. I am from Portland, OR and love to play lacrosse, hike, and ski here in Salt Lake.



USAC Member 


Hi everyone! My name is Brooklynn Scott and I'm an anthropology student at the U with a minor in integrative biology. I'm from Sycamore, IL and some of my hobbies include hiking, camping, and drinking a lot of coffee!



USAC Member


I'm originally from Ottawa but I grew up in SLC. I am primarily intersted in paleoanthropology and behavioral ecology. I'm in the middle of a French minor and plan on graduating with quantitative analysis and GIS certificates. In my free time I like to paint, go on walks, and play guitar. 

Last Updated: 11/12/20