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Archaeological Science Emphasis Course Requirements:

This emphasis consists of at least 33 Anthropology, and 12 Allied credit hours:

Lower-Division Core:
ANTH 1020 Human Origins, Evolution & Diversity (SF)
ANTH 1030 World Prehistory: An Introduction (BF)
ANTH 1050 Evolution of Human Nature (SF)

Upper-Division Core:
ANTH 3001 Anthropology as a Major and Career (1 credit)*
ANTH 4341
Fundamentals of Archaeology
ANTH 4345 Cultural Resources Management*
ANTH 4461
Behavioral Ecology in Anthropology

Upper Division Topical:
(Select a minimum of 8 credit hours)
ANTH 4271 Human Osteology
ANTH 4340 Paleoethnobotany
ANTH 4372 Zooarchaeology
ANTH 5711 Student Individual Research Group (SIRG)
ANTH 5712 Field School: North America
ANTH 5850 Quantitative Analysis of Archaeological Data

Upper Division Geographical:
(Select a minimum of 6 credit hours)
ANTH 3111 First Nations of Eastern North America (DV)
ANTH 3112 First Nations of Western North America (DV)
ANTH 3311 North American Prehistory
ANTH 3313 First Peoples of Utah & the Intermountain West
ANTH 3321 The Classic Maya
ANTH 3322 Mesoamerican Archaeology
ANTH 3331 Pleistocene Archaeology
ANTH 3961 Special Topics: Geographical Requirement

TOTAL HOURS IN ANTHROPOLOGY: A minimum of 33 semester hours.* A minimum of 18 Anthropology semester hours must be taken at the University of Utah

*Please note: You must earn a grade of “C” or better for courses to count toward your major, and you must earn a GPA of at least 2.5 in your major courses.

An additional 12 credits are required from related areas of study.

Allied departments include:

Atmospheric Science, Biology, Environmental & Sustainability Studies, Geography, or Geology.

(REQUIRED) GEOG 3100, Introduction to GIS and Cartography (QI)(5 credits)

Careers for Archaeologists:

This emphasis prepares you for many careers in Archaeology or related fields including:

Cultural Resource Management

Museums and Archives
Archive Management
Tribal Advocacy
Public Lands Advocacy
Fundraising/Grant Writing
Program Management
Environmental Survey
Land Management

Last Updated: 3/2/20