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The Evolutionary Journal Club meets weekly to discuss current/important articles from the body of anthropological literature. 

This semester we're meeting Fridays at 12:00-1:00pm 

We have decided to have Jouranl Club go Hybrid for the reest of this semester.

In person: GC 3015
Zoom: Click HERE to request Zoom link.

The Evolutionary Journal Club provides an opportunity for graduate and advanced undergraduate students to engage with cutting-edge research in group discussions lead by Dr. Kristen Hawkes, a leading expert in the fields of Behavioral Ecology and Evolutionary Anthropology. This opportunity is one of the signature experiences of a graduate students in the Department of Anthropology.

Current Semester Reading Schedule

*If you have issues accessing the journal articles, please contact Blake Vernon

April 22nd

Journal Club will not be meeting this week due to finals.

April 22nd

Cagan et al. "Somatic mutation rates scale with lifespan across mammals." Nature.
Discussant: TBD

April 15th

Jaeggi et al (2022). “Life-history tradeoffs in a historical population (1896–1939) undergoing rapid fertility decline: Costs of reproduction?” Evolutionary Human Sciences, Vol 4: E7.
Discussant: TBD

April 8th

McLean, Archie, and Alberts (2019). “Lifetime Fitness in Wild Female Baboons: Trade-Offs and Individual Heterogeneity in Quality.” The American Naturalist 194 (6): 745-759.
Discussant: TBD

April 1st

Galipaud & Kokko (2020) Adaptation and plasticity in life-history theory: How to derive predictions. Evol Hum Beh 41(6): 493-501
Discussant: TBD

March 25th

Fromhage and Henshaw (2022). “The balance model of honest sexual signaling.” Evolution 76: 445-454.
Discussant: TBD

March 18th

Nettle and Frankenhuis (2020). “Life-history theory in psychology and evolutionary biology: one research programme or two?” Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 375: 20190490.
Discussant: TBD

March 4th

Weibel et al. (2020). “Accelerated reproduction is not an adaptive response to early-life adversity in wild baboons.” PNAS 117 (40): 24909–24919.
Discussant: TBD

February 25th

Patterson, Strum, and Silk (2022). “Early life adversity has long-term effects on sociality and interaction style in female baboons.” Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 289(1968): 20212244.
Discussant: TBD

February 18th

Barr et al (2022). “No sustained increase in zooarchaeological evidence for carnivory after the appearance of Homo erectus.” PNAS 119(5): e2115540119.
Discussant: Dr. Tyler Faith

February 11th

Journal Club will not be meeting this week. Instead, we encourage everyone to attend Ellie Fair’s dissertation defense. More information

February 4th

Massaro et al (2021). “Female monopolizability promotes within-community killing in chimpanzees.” Research Square preprint, DOI: 10.21203/
Discussant: TBD

January 28th

Careau et al (2021). “Energy compensation and adiposity in humans.” Current Biology 31 (20): 4659-4666.E2.
Discussant: TBD

January 21st 
Lieberman et al (2021). “The active grandparent hypothesis: Physical activity and the evolution of extended human healthspans and lifespans.” PNAS 118 (50): e2107621118.
Discussant: TBD

Last Updated: 4/25/22