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Adjunct Faculty

Shannon Arnold Boomgarden Adj. Asst. Prof. Boomgarden (Phd U Utah, 2015) Archaeology. Paleoecology. Fremont agricultural productivity, irrigation & infrastructure. Fremont maize caching. Great Basin (Range Creek, Utah).

Jesper L. Boldsen Adj. Prof. (Ph.D. U Aarhus-Denmark). Evolution of human life history, human osteology, epidemiology, paleodemography, Medieval Scandinavia, Europe.

Joan Brenner Coltrain Adj. Assoc. Prof. (Ph.D. Utah). Archaeological method and theory, stable isotope chemistry, Great Basin, eastern Arctic.

Gregory R. Burns Adj. Asst. Prof. (Ph.D. University of California, Davis 2019). California, Great Basin, and Southwest culture areas. Stable isotopes, XRF, and other archaeometric and traditional methods to explore the role of trade as an adaption to environmental and cultural factors. The role of violence and intergroup conflict in ethnogenesis.

Michael D. Cannon Adj. Assoc. Prof. (Ph.D. U Washington, 2001). Archaeology, zooarchaeology, evolutionary ecology, Great Basin and Southwest, cultural resources management.

Shawn W. Carlyle Research Asst. Prof. (Ph.D. Utah, 2003). Biological anthropology, molecular archaeology of the US Southwest.

Russell D. Greaves Adj. Assoc. Prof. (Ph.D. U New Mexico, 1997). Hunter-gatherers, ethnoarchaeology, technology subsistence, North American archaeology, geoarchaeology, comparative ethnology, museum studies.

Richard D. Hansen Adj. Prof. (Ph.D. UCLA 1992). Archaeology, Mesoamerica, Maya; Conservation Strategies and Methodologies; Tropical Forest Ecology, Rise of World Civilizations; Collapse of Complex Societies; Discovery and Conquest of the New World; Ancient Near East. 

Kathleen M. Heath Adj. Assoc. Prof. (Ph.D., U Utah, 2001). Bio-Cultural Anthropology; evolutionary ecology; socio-economics, paleo-ethnobotany; fertility, mortality and migration patterns.

Celeste Hendrickson Adj. Assoc. Prof. (Phd UC Berkeley, 2013) Archaeology. Historic archaeology. Geoarchaeology of rockshelters and caves. Prehistoric textile production and technology. Baja California and Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Kevin T. Jones Adj. Assoc. Prof. (Ph.D. U Utah). Hunter-gatherers, ethnoarchaeology, evolutionary ecology; western North America.

Derinna Kopp Adj. Asst. Prof. (Ph.D. U Utah). Forensic Anthropology

Bojka Milicic Adj. Assoc. Prof. (Ph.D. U Utah). Cultural anthropology, kinship, gender, ethnohistory, social networks; Mediterranean and India.

Rebecca Olsen Adj. Assoc. Prof.(MA Utah). Cultural anthropology, women cross-culturally.

Renee Pennington Adj. Asst. Prof. (Ph.D. Penn State). Demography, pastoralists, evolutionary ecology; Africa.

Davide Ponzi Adj. Asst. Prof. (Ph.D. University of Missouri, 2011). Human behavioral endocrinology, human biology, evolutionary psychology.

Shannen L. Robson Adj. Asst. Prof. (Ph.D. U Utah). Comparative primatology, life history, evolutionary ecology, demography and museum studies.

Melissa Schaefer Adj. Asst. Prof. (PhD ASU). Primate biology, behavior, ecology, evolution.

Steven R. Simms Adj. Prof. (Ph.D. University of Utah 1984) Archaeology of the American Desert West, archaeological method and theory, history and theory of anthropology, human evolutionary ecology.

Andrew Ugan Adj. Asst. Prof. (Phd U Utah, 2005) Archaeology. Archaeofaunal analysis. Paleoecology and stable isotope analysis. Fremont prey choice and prehistoric foraging behavior. Great Basin and South America (Argentina).

Polly Wiessner Adj. Prof. (Ph.D. U Michigan 1977; Prof). Hunter-gatherers, cultural systems of sharing and exchange, ethnoarchaeology, ethology ecology, warfare, oral history; Highland Papua New Guinea, southern Africa.

Last Updated: 1/3/20