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The health emphasis satisfies the curricular requirements of medical and other health-related professional programs while at the same time educating students about the interactions between biological, environmental and social factors that influence health and illness. Students will be given the theoretical background to study human adaptation and maladaptation from an evolutionary perspective, in addition to studying the effects of culture on health.

Anthropology, Health Emphasis Course Requirments:

Statistics Requirement:
(Select one of the following)
*ECON 3640 Probability & Statistical Inference (QB)
FCS 3210 FCS Statistics (QB,QI)
*PSY 3000 Statistical Methods Psychology (QB,QI)
SOC 3112 Social Statistics (QB,QI)*
MATH 1070
Introduction to Statistical Inference (QB)
*MATH 3070 Applied Statistics (QA,QB,QI)

Required Introductory Anthropology:
ANTH 1010 Culture & the human experience (BF)
ANTH 3001 Anthropology as a Major & Career (1 credit)
PLUS at least two of:
ANTH 1020 Human Origins: Evolution and Diversity (SF)
ANTH 1030 World Prehistory: Intro to Archaeology (BF)
ANTH 1050 The Evolution of Human Nature (SF)

Upper Division Geographical:
(Select a minimum of 6 credits)
Choose any two classes from:
ANTH 3111-3961

Upper Division Health Emphasis Topical:
(Select two courses)
ANTH 4252 Human Biology
PLUS at least one of:
ANTH 4133 Maternal and Child Health
ANTH 4291 Evolution of Human Health
ANTH 4234 Genes, Health & Human History
ANTH 4450 The Biology of Human Growth & Development

Health Emphasis Topical Electives:
(Select two courses)
ANTH 2221 Birth, Death and Populations
*ANTH 3211 Biology of Native Americans
ANTH 4133 Maternal and Child Health
ANTH 4183 Sex and Gender (DV)
ANTH 4193 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 4234 Genes, Health and Human History
ANTH 4271 Human Osteology
*ANTH 4272 Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 4291 Evolution of Human Health
ANTH 4334 Population Issues in Anthropology
*ANTH 4461 Behavioral Ecology and Anthropology
ANTH 4470 Evolution of The Family
ANTH 4481 Evolutionary Psychology
*ANTH/BIOL 5221 Human Evolutionary Genetics (QI)

TOTAL HOURS IN ANTHROPOLOGY: A minimum of 33 semester hours.* A minimum of 18 Anthropology semester hours must be taken at the University of Utah

*Please note: You must earn a grade of “C” or better for courses to count toward your major, and you must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

An additional 12 credits are required from related areas of study.

Allied requirements include:

Natural Science
Any three courses from: Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics

Electives - select two 3-credit courses from the following departments or classes:

Any courses from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology,Nutrition & Integrative Physiology,
*Health Society and Policy Capstone (HSP 5000)
Public Health: A Global Perspective (PBHLTH 4500, IR)
Bioethics (PHIL 3520, HF)
Sociology of Health (SOC 3671)
Social Epidemiology (SOC 3673, QB, QI)

Last Updated: 3/2/20