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Cultural Anthropology Emphasis Course Requirements:

This emphasis consists of at least 33 Anthropology, and 12 Allied credit hours:

Lower-Division Core:
ANTH 1010 Culture and the Human Experience [BF]

Choose two of the following courses:
ANTH 1020 Human Origins, Evolution & Diversity [SF]
ANTH 1030 World Prehistory: An Introduction [BF]
ANTH 1050 Evolution of Human Nature [SF]

Upper Division Core:
(all three courses required)
ANTH 3001 Anthropology as a Major and Career (1 credit)
ANTH 4245 Human Migration and Social Change [IR]
ANTH 4169 Ethnographic Methods

Upper Division Statistics:
(choose one)
*PSY 3000 Statistical Methods in Psychology
*ANTH 5230 Intro. Statistical Thinking in Anthropology
*ANTH 5471 Quantitative Methods Evolutionary Ecology

Upper Division Topical:
(select a minimum of 6 credit hours)
ANTH 4110 Women Cross-Culturally [IR, BF]
ANTH 4120 Anthropology of Friendship and Networks
ANTH 4134 Language, Thought, and Culture [BF]
ANTH 4135 Symbolic Anthropology
ANTH 4138 Anthropology Violence and Non-Violence
ANTH 4181 Kinship and Marriage
ANTH 4183 Sex and Gender [DV]
ANTH 4184 Hunter-Gatherer Ecology
ANTH 4186 Human Ecology [SF, BF]
ANTH 4187 Economic Anthropology
ANTH 4193 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 4255 Race and Culture [DV]
*ANTH 4461 Behavioral Ecology and Anthropology
ANTH 4481 Evolutionary Psychology

Signature Experience:
(Field School, Capstone, Internship, Learning Abroad, Research)
Select at least one of the following courses:
SBS 4890 CSBS Internship Program
ANTH 4950 Independent Study
ANTH 4960 Ethnographic Field School in Tonga
ANTH 5500 Anthropology Capstone
Var. Learning Abroad (Faculty Approved)

Upper Division Geographical:
(select a minimum of 6 credit hours)
ANTH 3111 Rise of First Nations of Eastern N.A. [DV]
ANTH 3112 Rise of First Nations of Western N.A. [DV]
ANTH 3126 Mediterranean Cultures [IR, BF]
ANTH 3127 Peoples and Cultures of Europe [IR, BF]
ANTH 3128 Andean Cultures
ANTH 3140 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America [IR]
ANTH 3151 Peoples of the Pacific [IR, BF]
ANTH 3153 Black Atlantic [IR]
ANTH 3154 Brazilian Culture [IR]
ANTH 3311 North American Prehistory
ANTH 3313 First Peoples of Utah
ANTH 3321 Classic Maya
ANTH 3322 Mesoamerican Archaeology

TOTAL HOURS IN ANTHROPOLOGY: A minimum of 34 semester hours.* A minimum of 18 Anthropology semester hours must be taken at the University of Utah

*Please note: You must earn a grade of “C” or better for courses to count toward your major, and you must earn a GPA of at least 2.5 in your major courses.

An additional 12 credits are required from related areas of study.

Allied departments include:

Economics, Ethnic Studies, Family and Consumer Studies, Georaphy, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology.

Careers for Cultural Anthropologists:

This emphasis prepares you for many careers in Archaeology or related fields including:

Foreign Policy
Urban Planning
Population Demography
Public Administration
Product Design
Human Resources
Documentary Production
Fundraising/Grant Writing
Program Management


Last Updated: 3/2/20