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department of anthropology


What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the comparative, evolutionary and historical study of humankind. Our department takes a theoretically driven, empirically-informed approach to this study, and has special expertise in archaeology, genetics, behavioral ecology, demography, hunter-gatherers, and evolutionary approaches to human and nonhuman primate behavior. Our regional expertise is strongest in Africa, Australia, New Guinea, Latin America and western North America. We have a small but influential faculty, three of whom (Hawkes, O'Connell, Wiessner) are members of the National Academy of Sciences. Many faculty members do research that crosses disciplinary and sub-disciplinary lines, and we encourage students to do the same.

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Academic Advising COVID-19 Update

At this time, undergraduate Advisors in CSBS are continuing to be available to you through phone and video appointments.  Please visit this link to schedule an appointment or email advisors with questions:

You can also contact an advisor directly via email – though this may not replace the need for a full appointment. You can find advisor contact information in the same link above.

Additionally, the following advisors will hold “Chat” time for Walk-In Wednesday on March 18th from 1-3pm:

  • Ally Marringa and Stacy Morris for ANTH, ENVST, GEOG/GIS
  • Nic O’Shea from ECON, HSP and POLS
  • Taryn Horner and Maddi Olsen for CRIM, FCHD, PSY and SOC

We are using a “chat” feature on ConnexEd, which you can access here: Sort the CSBS advisors by Major, and that will lead you to appointment scheduling cards for each advisor, and you can now select “Chat with Advisor” and instant message with one of these advisors.

Finally, if you have any questions and do not know who or how to reach out to anyone, then email Bobbi Davis, CSBS Director for Student Services, at or call 801-581-7579.

Anthropology Advising

Questions about anthropology? Ready to declare as an anthropology major? Book an advising appointment with Anthropology Advisor Dr. Shawn Carlyle

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Last Updated: 3/16/20