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Evolution of Culture, Cognition, and Behavior Master's Program

Required Coursework

The master's program at the University of Utah is structured specifically to give students the flexability they need to grow into their specific areas of interest.

Proseminar Series (Anthropology 6100, 6200, 6300, 6400), to be taken in the first year (students who have previously taken 6161 are exempt).

Statistics. All graduate students are expected to have basic proficiency in statistics. Most graduate students will be expected to gain additional statistical expertise, as determined by the student's supervisory committee.

Program-specific requirements: In addition to the department-wide courses above, masters students are required to take the following program specific courses. Courses in addition to these may be required by a student's supervisory committee.

Evolution of Culture, Cognition, and Behavior

ANTH 6855 - Exploring Human Behavior, Culture, and Cognition: Evolutionary Perspectives (6 credit hours)
ANTH 5169 - Ethnographic Methods
Approved Statistics Course (4 credit hours)
Elective courses in Anthropology: 3 from 5471, 6134, 6150, 6185, 6186, 6187, 6481, 6501, 6502 (9 credit hours)
Additional elective courses: 3 to 9 (9-27 credit hours)

For additional Master's degree requirements, please see the Graduate Student Handbook.


Evolution of Culture, Cognition, and Behavior Faculty

Adrian Bell

Elizabeth Cashdan

Doug Jones

Karen Kramer

Shane Macfarlan

Polly Wiessner

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Last Updated: 11/17/23