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Application Instructions

M.A., M.S. & Ph.D.


Students are admitted to the program beginning in Fall Semester only (except under unusual circumstances related to grant funding). In addition to meeting the university requirements outlined by the Office of Graduate Admissions, applicants are expected to:

  • Submit a current CV or Resume
  • Submit transcripts from post-secondary institutions attended
  • Provide names and contact information for 3 individuals who will provide letters of 
    recommendation through the application portal
  • Submit a ca. 1000-word research statement outlining your proposed graduate research
  • Answer questions about academic experience

Your ResearchStatement should include professional objectives and describe your research and theoretical interests and how they align with our department and specific faculty. Some guidelines:

  • Tell us what type of research you would like to pursue as a graduate student at University of Utah.  Include a research question, state a problem, or identify an area of research that you might like to address. Make sure to demonstrate your depth of knowledge and understanding in your research area and your ability for original and creative thinking. Literature citations encouraged.
  • Research statements should be no more than 1000 words.

In addition to the Research Statement, please answer the following questions about your academic experience:

  1. What is your background in Anthropology (or related science disciplines) and how does it prepare you for the graduate program in this department? Describe your training in Anthropology and related fields. Specify any theoretical training, relevant fieldwork, and/or laboratory research including, tools, instruments or techniques you have practiced that are relevant to research in Anthropology. (400-500 words)
  2. Specifically, describe your background (i.e., coursework, research) in quantitative methods, including but not limited to mathematics, statistics, coding/programming, computational methods, GIS, etc. (200-300 words)
  3. Explain why you think the University of Utah is a good fit for you. Identify at least two faculty in the University of Utah Anthropology Department whose research aligns with your interests and explain why their mentorship would allow you to meet your career goals. We recommend that you contact potential faculty advisors prior to submitting your application and read a recent paper by each of them, linking the theory and findings to your own research interests. (300-400 words)
  4. Describe your experience, if any, and/or future interest in one or more of the following: diversity, equity, inclusion, outreach, science communication, or science education. (300-400 words)


Last Updated: 7/28/23