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IHB Steering Committee

Elizabeth Cashdan

Professor, Anthropology


(Ph.D. U New Mexico 1979; Prof). Evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, hunter-gatherers

David Carrier

Professor, Biology


(Ph.D. U New Mexico 1979; Prof). Evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, hunter-gatherers

Jon Seger

Professor, Biology


(Ph.D. U New Mexico 1979; Prof). Evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, hunter-gatherers

Leslie A. Knapp

Professor, Anthropology


(Ph.D.; UCLA, 1994; Prof). Primate immunogenetics and molecular ecology

IHB Staff

Denise Brenes, M.Ed.
Biology Advisor

Shawn Carlyle, PhD
Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Kyla Welch
Anthropology Programs Manager



Fred Adler (Prof, Biology and Mathematics).
Evolutionary ecology; mathematical epidemiology and immunology; urban ecology

Adrian Bell (Assist. Prof, Anthropology).  
Cultural evolution; evoultionary theory; statistical modeling; ethnography of Tonga and the Tongan diaspora communities around the world; migration

David Bowling (Assoc. Prof, Biology).
Ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry

Jack M. Broughton (Prof, Anthropology).
Zooarchaeology, evolutionary ecology, human paleoecology, North American Prehistory (especially California and the Great Basin)

Sarah Bush (Assist. Prof, Biology).
Evolutionary ecology of hosts and parasites; coevolution; parasite systematics; parasite biodiversity

David Carrier (Prof, Biology).
Functional morphology; biomechanics; human paleobiology

Elizabeth Cashdan (Prof, Anthropology).
Behavioral ecology, evolutionary psychology, sex differences, spatial cognition, hormones and behavior, hunter-gatherers; sub-Saharan Africa.

Thure Cerling (Distinguished Prof. Biology and of Geology and Geophysics).
Paleoecology; stable and cosmogenic isotopes; environmental studies

Dale Clayton (Prof, Biology).
Host-parasite coevolution; systematics of birds and ectoparasites

Brian Codding (Asst Prof, Anthropology).
Behavioral ecology, foraging economies, anthropogenic fire, gender division of labor, ethnoarchaeology, ethno-ecology, GIS; Australia & North America

Phyllis Coley (Distinguished Prof, Biology).
Microbiology and molecular evolution; insects and endosymbionts

Denise Dearing (Prof, Biology).
Physiological ecology; plant-mammal interactions; disease ecology

Jim Ehleringer (Distinguished Prof, Biology).
Global changes, plant ecology, and stable isotopes

Kristen Hawkes (Distinguished Prof, Anthropology).
Human evolution, behavioral ecology, sociobiology, hunter-gatherers, life history evolution,

Douglas Jones (Assoc. Prof, Anthropology).
Biocultural perspectives on mate choice, human behavioral ecology, evolutionary psychology, kinship; Brazil

Leslie Knapp (Prof and Dept. Chair, Anthropology).
Primate immunogenetics and molecular ecology

Karen Leslie Kramer (Assoc. Prof, Anthropology).
Behavioral ecology, demography, cooperative breeding, evolution and economics of childhood & parenting; hunter-gatherers and agriculturalists; Latin America

John M. McCullough (Prof, Anthropology).
Physical anthropology, ecological genetics, human variation; the Americas, Yucatan, Europe

Duncan Metcalfe (Assoc. Prof). Archaeological method and theory, evolutionary ecology; western North America

James F. O'Connell (Distinguished Prof Emeritus, Anthropology).
Hunter-gatherer ecology, archaeological method and theory; Australia, Africa, North America

Dennis H. O'Rourke (Prof, Anthropology).
Population and evolutionary genetics, genetic epidemiology, quantitative methods, native America, Arctic regions and Siberia

Richard R. Paine (Assoc. Prof, Anthropology).
Archaeology, prehistoric demography, complex societies, human/land relationships; Mesoamerica, Europe

Diane Pataki (Assoc. Prof, Biology).
Urban Ecology, Ecohydrology, and Land-Atmosphere interactions

Wayne Potts (Prof, Biology).
Host-pathogen coevolution; behavior; immunogenetics and evolutionary genetics

Alan R. Rogers (Prof, Anthropology).
Population genetics, evolutionary ecology.

Jon Seger (Prof, Biology).
Evolutionary biology, genetics

Cagan Sekercioglu (Asst. Prof, Biology).
Avian ecology, climate change, community-based conservation, conservation finance, ecosystem services, entomology, landscape ecology, ornithology, primatology, tropical ecology

Last Updated: 3/24/21