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Ethnography Lab Members

Core Faculty

Adrian Bell

Associate Professor
Cultural Anthropology


(Ph.D. UC Davis, 2011; Assoc. Prof). Human ecology, evolutionary game theory and social evolution, economics of small-scale societies, Oceania

Elizabeth Cashdan

Evolutionary Psychology

(Ph.D. U New Mexico 1979; Prof). Evolutionary psychology, behavioral ecology, hunter-gatherers

Douglas Jones

Cultural Anthropology
Associate Professor


(Ph.D. U Michigan; Assoc. Prof). Biocultural perspectives on mate choice, human behavioral ecology, evolutionary psychology, kinship; Brazil

Karen L. Kramer

Cultural Anthropology


(Ph.D. U New Mexico 1998; Professor). Human behavioral ecology, demography, cooperative breeding, evolution and economics of childhood & parenting; hunter-gatherers (Pume, South America) and agriculturalists (Maya)

Shane J. Macfarlan

Assistant Professor
Cultural Anthropology


(Ph.D. Washington State U 2010; Assist. Prof). Evolutionary Anthropology; Social psychology; Political Economy; Political and Behavioral Ecology; Inequality; Ritual Society and Labor Exchange; Ethno-History
Last Updated: 3/24/21