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Born February 12th 1809, Charles Darwin is best known as the father of evolutionary theory. His work including On The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man, formed the foundation of the theory of natural selection, which has shaped modern biological and anthropological thinking. We come together not only to celebrate the man, but to also celebrate the intellectual legacy that is the result of his early insights.

Schedule of Talks and Events:

9:30am, GC 2560 -  Dr. Kristen Hawkes, Department of Anthropology

10:30am , GC 2560  -  Dr. Randy Irmis, Department of Geology and Geoscience

12:30pm, CTHIB 101  -  Dr. Matt Haber, Department of Philosophy

3:00pm, GC 2660  - Dr. Dean Castillo, Department of Biology

4:00pm, GC 2255  -  Dr. Aaron Quinlan, Department of Human Genetics

6:30pm, GC 1900  -  Keynote and Combined Speaker Panel


Additional Evolution Themed Activities and Presentations will occur Throughout the day in the Gardner Commons.


Last Updated: 2/8/20