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Our Commitment to U

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Utah is committed to creating and fostering an equitable, inclusive and diverse community within our department and campus as a whole. We acknowledge that inequities exist based upon race/ethnicity, gender identity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, class, culture, religion, age and ability. And although the discipline of Anthropology has long been committed to understanding, appreciating and respecting all human cultures, we further acknowledge that historically, the field has at times contributed to and reinforced structures that have subjected communities of people to objectification, marginalization, colonialism and racism. As anthropologists, we renew our commitment to respecting and valuing all human experiences and to preserving the uniqueness of populations. Within our own community, we pledge to dedicate ourselves to the important work of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

To this end, we invite you to explore this webpage to view specific tools, resources, and courses available to those interested in more information. We welcome all engaged, motivated, curious community members who want to connect across
familiarity and difference. We invite student-driven proposals to celebrate diversity or improvethe college. Please reach out.

Here’s how:
• Join USAC - contact Brittany Kiser for more information
• Submit ideas to student leadership
• Email and chat with Anthropolgy Administration directly: Jack Broughton, Dept. Chair & Kyla Welch, Programs Manager


Explore courses, research and scholarships centered on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion

Courses Related to Human Diversity

 Anthropology Courses 


“We believe that inclusion and diversity are fundamental to the success of the university… we strive to nurture a culture of inclusion that respects the humanity of all peoples.”
 – Office for Inclusive Excellence (OIE)

Educational Resource Toolkit

GET INVOLVED with Black Lives Matter!

Please visit a list of resources, educational materials, articles, and opportunities to GET INVOLVED with Black Lives Matter, put together by the University's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team as we move forward together as a University and a country.
We are here for you. #ReframingTheConversation


American Anthropological Association


    In research involving people, faculty and graduate student researchers of the Department of Anthropology are dedicated to following the American Anthropological Association’s Code of Ethics.

Principles of Professional Responsibility

  1.  Do No Harm
  2. Be Open and Honest Regarding Your Work
  3. Obtain Informed Consent and Necessary Permissions
  4. Weigh Competing Ethical Obligations Due Collaborators and Affected Parties
  5. Make Your Results Accessible
  6. Protect and Preserve Your Records
  7. Maintain Respectful and Ethical Professional Relationships
Last Updated: 10/21/20