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Integrative Human Biology (IHB) is an interdisciplinary initiative and interdepartmental minor based in the Departments of Anthropology and Biology. Its purpose is to advance education and research in human form and function, human evolution and biological variation, human behavior, and the roles humans play in local and global ecosystems. The undergraduate IHB minor will help students acquire the broad but rigorous background they will need as professionals in the 21st-century health sciences and many other fields that engage directly with aspects of human adaptation and welfare. IHB also hosts events to promote interaction among researchers and members of the larger community.

Integrative Human Biology Minor Course Requirements:

The minor consists of seven courses, at least four of which must be at the upper-division level (3000 or above). Four of the seven are core courses (one from each of the areas listed below) and three are electives. A minimum grade of a C is required in all courses taken for the minor.

The electives must be taken from at least two of the 4 areas. Courses listed as core courses may also be taken as electives.  Complete requirements are described on the IHB minor worksheet

Human Evolution and Genetics 

Core Courses: 

ANTH 1020 Human Origins: Evolution and Diversity, or
ANTH 4252 Human Biology


ANTH 1030 World Prehistory: An Introduction
ANTH 1050 The Evolution of Human Nature
ANTH 3211 Biology of Native Americans
ANTH 4261 Paleoanthropology
ANTH/BIOL 5221 Human Evolutionary Genetics
ANTH 4281 Primates
BIOL 2210 Human Genetics
BIOL 3410 Ecology and Evolution
BIOL/ANTH 5471 Quantitative Models in Evolutionary Ecology

Human Form and Function

Core Courses:

BIOL 2325 Human Anatomy, or
BIOL 2420 Human Physiology


ANTH 4133 Maternal and Child Health
ANTH 4271 Human Osteology
ANTH 4272 Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 4291 Evolution of Human Health
BIOL 3310 Comparative Vertebrate Morphology
BIOL 3320 Comparative Physiology
BIOL 3330 Behavioral Neurobiology
BIOL 3380 Evolutionary and Physiological Basis of Health
BIOL 5315 Advanced Human Anatomy

Evolution of Human Behavior and Culture 

Course Courses:

ANTH 4461 Behavioral Ecology and Anthropology, or
ANTH 4481 Evolutionary Psychology


ANTH 4138 Anthropology of Violence and NonViolence
ANTH 4183 Sex and Gender
ANTH 4184 Hunter-Gatherer Ethnology
ANTH 4450 Biology of Human Growth and Development
BIOL 3430 Behavioral Ecology

Human Ecology and Environmnet

Any of the following courses will satisfy the core course requirement in this area.

ANTH 2055 Human Ecology of Sustainability
ANTH 4186 Human Ecology
BIOL 3410 Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 3460 Global Environmental Issues
BIOL 5440 Urban Ecology
BIOL 5490 Ecosystem Ecology

Last Updated: 1/9/20