Undergraduate Study


Anthropology is the comparative study of people and their ways of life across the full temporal and spatial range of human experience.
Faculty in Anthropology explore topics ranging from the evolution of human longevity to contemporary human migrations and seek to solve problems relating to human health, natural resource conservation and heritage preservation.
  • Cultural: Learn about the diversity of human societies around the world.
  • Biological: Explore variation in human and non-human primates.
  • Archaeological: Uncover our human heritage and protect it for the future.
  • Evolutionary: Discover and explian our human nature.

 The undergraduate program provides:

  • Training for those interested in pursuing a graduate degree in anthropology, or an advanced professional degree such as business, medicine, or law.
  • Course of study for those desiring a better understanding of the human biological and cultural experience through time and space.
  • A minor for students desiring an anthropological component to their general education


Last Updated: 1/3/17