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Postdoctoral Researchers


Helen E. Davis email

(Ph.D University of New Mexico, 2014, Post-Doc). Human behavioral ecology, cognition, education and learning, transitioning populations, reproductive decisions, human capital) 

Nicole M. Herzog  email

(Ph.D University of Utah, 2015, Post-Doc). Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology, the evolution of fire use, past diet reconstruction, Paleoethnobotany, starch grain analysis, Hunter-Gatherers, East and Southern Africa, northeastern California and the Great Basin

Christopher H. Parker  email

(Ph.D. University of Utah 2015, Post Doc). Behavioral Ecology, the evolution of human fire use, hunter-gatherers, foraging theory, human evolution, fire ecology, ethnoarchaeology, ethnography, primatology, Australia, Africa, North America.

Ryan Schacht email

(Ph.D UC Davis, 2014, Post-Doc). Human behavioral ecology, reproductive decisions, family formation dynamics, risk-taking behavior, parental investment, violence



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