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Shoshone High School Students Visit the U of U 

Professors Shane Macfarlan and Marianna Di Paolo, and graduate student Ashley Parker


On Friday, March 4, about 45 Shoshone high school students from communities across Nevada, including Duckwater, Wells, Elko, and Owyhee, arrived on the University of Utah campus for a special interactive tour hosted by the Shoshoni Language Project of the Department of Anthropology and the American Indian Resource Center.  

 Students were treated to several in-depth presentations about college life, scholarships and financial aid opportunities, and potential major exploration from representatives from the Office of Equity and Diversity, and from faculty in the Department of Anthropology, Entertainment Arts & Engineering, and the Medical School.  These young people explored the U of U campus by participating in a scavenger hunt, touring the Union, Stewart Building, the new EAE facilities, the AIRC, and the Health Sciences Education Building.  In the Department of Anthropology, the presenters included Dr. Marianna Di Paolo, Director of the Shoshoni Language Project, Dr. Brian Codding, Dr. Shane Macfarlan, and Graduate student, Ashley Parker.  Rounding out their trip, the students experienced making ice cream with liquid nitrogen and ended the day eating dinner at the Heritage Center.  We'd like to thank everyone who participated and helped put together this great experience for these students. 

 The campus visit was sponsored by Barrick Gold of North America, Inc. and coordinated on their behalf by Duck Valley tribal member, Antoinette Cavanaugh, and by Jennifer Mitchell at the Shoshoni Language Project. 


To Learn more about the Shoshoni Language Project, visit their website


Last Updated: 3/22/18