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Congratulations to Undergraduate Student Will Rath

CSBS Student Research Day was a great success allowing interactions between undergrads, graduate students, faculty, and alumni.  The high quality research and posters this year made it very competitive.  Anthropology undergraduate student Will Rath won first place for undergraduate research.

His poster illustrated a method he developed to detect linear features (such as roads, trails, buildings, pipelines, etc) in high-resolution elevation data sets. The method models the elevation surface using splines, and takes the second derivative of the modeled surface with respect to changes in the x and y directions. Once the partial derivative surfaces are generated for dx/x, dx/y and dy/x, the local variation is determined across each surface. Last, each measure of variation across all partial derivative sets is combined to give a measure of variation in each spatial dimension. The areas with the lowest combined variation score are then identified as potential linear features. This method was developed using open-source (free, no copyright) analysis tools and can work in any programming environment, while existing tools are either unsatisfactory or very expensive. They are using the method to help target areas for future archaeological surveys in Red Butte Canyon. 

And the coveted Student Research Day Cup, which goes to the Department with the most participants proportional to the number of faculty in the Department, went to Anthropology for the third consecutive year!


 Will and Anastasia Rath


 Chris Coates, Kira Delong, and Brock James


Savanna Agardy

Last Updated: 3/22/18