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Environment & Sustainability Research Symposium 2016

The GCSC is commited to training students to become leaders in addressing the complex challenges of global change and the quest for sustainability. The annual research symposium highlights the exciting work undertaken by GCSC-affiliated students and postdoctoral scholars, and provides the University community another opportunity for the kind of cross-disciplinary engagement that leads to further innovation and collaboration.  Several Anthropology undergraduate and graduate students participated in this event held on Februrary 2, 2016.

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Anthropology graduate student Ralph Burillo discusses altitude effects in precipitation on Cedar Mesa, Southeastern Utah.



Graduate student Nicole Torosin presents a comparative study of human and howler monkeys toll-like receptor 7 under the selective pressure of yellow fever virus.


Richard Forster
CSBS Associate Dean
Research and Graduate Education


Arachaeology graduate students Kate Magargal, Elic Weitzel, and Allison Wolfe.


Undergraduate student Brock James was one of several contributors to archaeological investigations of Red Butte Canyon.

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