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Graduate Study

Graduate Study Introduction

The Anthropology department offers graduate training (MA, MS, and Ph.D) in four tracks: Biological Anthropology; Archaeology; Evolution of Culture, Cognition, and Behavior; and Evolutionary Ecology.

Incoming students are expected to concentrate their graduate work in one of these areas, and are encouraged to become involved in research early in their training. Incoming students are assigned a faculty sponsor who will become the student's advisor until a supervisory committee is formed. Applicants are encouraged to directly contact the faculty member(s) with whom they wish to work.

There are two types of degree requirements: general University of Utah requirements and Anthropology department requirements. Students are expected to be familiar with these requirements, and to assume responsibility for completing them. They are described in the links to the masters program and doctoral program.

The supervisory committee may suggest or require additional courses, depending on the student's research interests. Supervisory committees have a great deal of autonomy in guiding the student's program of study. It is important, therefore, to form a supervisory committee as soon as is practical, and to consult with them regularly.

Please see the page on supervisory committees for more information. Close contact with your committee is essential to success in the program.

For further information, see the links below. Questions about program content should be addressed to the Graduate Advisor, Jack Broughton at 801-581-8869. Questions about forms and application procedures should be addressed to the Administrative Officer, Kyla Welch, at 801-585-0885.

Last Updated: 12/1/17