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Primate Field School

Summer 2014 Field School




















The U of U Primate Field School program introduces students to basic methodology for studying primate ecology and behavior. Students gain basic training in the most common methods available to primatologists. Over three weeks in the summer, students conduct hands-on field work, attend lectures and ultimately complete a group research project. Special topics related to biological sample collection and analysis and primate conservation are also included in the course.

The U of U Field School is offered approximately every other year. Our last Field School was in Summer 2014 at El Zota, Costa Rica. 

Dr. Leslie Knapp
Program Director
Professor and Department Chair
Department of Anthropology
University of Utah

Kyla Welch
Course Administrator
(801) 585-0885

All attendees of the field school applied for the course through the University of Utah. Individuals that were not current University of Utah students applied to the University of Utah for non-matriculated status before enrolling in the field school. Credit hours are transferable. Students interested in applying for Financial Aid or seeking outside support must submit applications and gain acceptance earlier than the Field School deadline in order for funding to be received in time.

Last Updated: 11/9/17