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Primate Field School- Summer 2014

Primate Ecology and Ecosystems 

Director Dr. Leslie A. Knapp
Instructors N. Herzog M.S. (University of Utah)

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In Summer 2014 a three week Primatological Field School at El Zota, in Costa Rica, familiarized students with field methodology for studying primate ecology and behavior. The field school provided basic training and hands-on experience to help participants pursue further study or a career in the field of primatology or biological anthropology. The course also emphasized conservation issues. Students considered ways to produce solutions for reducing human-primate conflicts.


Specific topics in the course included:

  • general introduction to primate behavior (focus on neotropical primates)
  • methods of behavioral measurement (scan and focal follows)
  • general ecology and phenology (measuring and monitoring plant food abundances)


All attendees of the field school applied for the course through the University of Utah. Individuals that were not current University of Utah student applied to the University of Utah for non-matriculated status before enrolling in the field school.  Credit hours are transferable.

Students interested in applying for Financial Aid or seeking outside support must submit applications and gain acceptance be accepted earlier than the Field School deadline in order for funding to be received in time.

The next primate field school will be offered in 2016. Please visit the main Primate Field School page more information. 

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