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Ancient DNA Cleanroom Laboratory

Our new pre-PCR laboratory is a state of the art cleanroom that consists of one ISO class 7 (Fed class 10,000) gowning area, two ISO class 6 (Fed class 1000) laboratory spaces, and numerous dedicated laminar flow hoods (ISO class 5/Fed class 100). The whole space is positively pressured from ceiling mounted HEPA filters, with air flow directed from the 'cleanest' pre-PCR room to the main extraction room to the gowning room to the outside environment. Room-wide UV lighting provides daily surface/air sterilizations and all entering personal garb in full 'tyvek' cleanroom suits, which are subsequently bleached. The active workspaces in the laboratory are bleached and washed daily, with full lab cleaning scheduled as necessary. Water, if needed, is provided with a NANOpure Diamond Water System, fed via a dedicated RO source, though most reagents (including H2O) are purchased in small ultrapure aliquots.

Laboratory HEPA filter ceiling and roomwide UV lightsCleanroom NANOpure Diamond Water System w/RO feed

        Laboratory HEPA filter ceiling and room wide UV lights             Cleanroom NANOpure Diamond Water System w/RO feed

             (Note: Picture taken pre-bleaching of laboratory)


Example of typical cleanroom garb and workstationPrepping a gel

          Example of typical cleanroom garb and workstation                                                         Prepping a gel

Additional Laboratory Space

In addition to the pre-PCR laboratory, we have dedicated areas for PCR (thermocycler) and post-PCR work. Our post-PCR laboratory contains all the necessary reagents and equipment for PCR purification, sequencing setup, cloning, electrophoresis and data analysis.

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Last Updated: 11/28/16