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Anthropology Peer Mentor Program

Have questions about anthropology? Talk to us!

The Anthropology Mentoring Program is here for you.  Experienced mentors are available to answer any questions students may have about our Department, or about anthropology in general. Our mission is to help undergraduates grow as anthropologists. Our mentors can assist with:

  • Picking the best courses for you
  • Health Emphasis/IHB questions
  • Majoring and minoring
  • Writing term papers
  • Undergraduate research
  • Approaching professors
  • Internship opportunities
  • Jobs in anthropology
  • CVs as resumes
  • Club membership and activities

Because we come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a broad range of interests within anthropology, there will always be someone available to answer your questions. Check out our mentors below. We’d love to hear from you with any questions you may have.

Kira Norcross

Kira Norcross, Chair of the Anthropology SAC/Club, is a Senior double-majoring in anthropology and psychology, with minors in integrative human biology and documentary film studies. Her goal is to get into an anthropology graduate program focusing on physical anthropology. Her favorite subjects include evolutionary psychology, genetics, and animal science. As well as being a certified veterinary technician, she has assisted in a health psychology lab, volunteered with local animal rescues, and taught English to teenagers through CCS’s refugee resettlement program.

Kira looks forward to assisting students with writing and course selection, as well as answering questions on majoring and minoring, or discussing anthropology in general.


Chris O’Connor-Coates is the Co-Chair of the Anthropology Club/SAC and a second year anthropology major. He is emphasizing in archaeology and conducts research on fire-studies and its link to Homo erectus migration patterns. He also studies fire remains as they show up in the archaeological record. He is a tutor at the U through the Student Success Center, and is always available to help those who need it.

Brock James

Brock James, Member of the Anthropology SAC/Club and CSBS Student Ambassador , is a senior in the Anthropology department, emphasizing his major studies in archaeology with a minor in English Literature. He is involved in paleodemographic research, studying Roman populations and actively performs fieldwork gathering data for local prehistoric populations.

In addition to general advice about studying in the Anthropology department, he is available to provide guidance about archaeological studies, and managing the student transfer process from other universities.



Last Updated: 12/21/16